Thursday, July 24, 2003

White House E-Mail System Becomes Less User-Friendly - as seen on

The White house has introduced a new web based system for sending email to W. Now the old still works but ...

there is no guarantee it will be read or responded to

Nice double speak that. The new system has some interesting features including:

  • Users get the chance to declare that they want to a) write a supporting comment or b) write a differing opinion
  • Choose from a set of prefab subject lines like the Economy - Fire Act. As the NYT points out there is no category for Jobs/Unemployment.
  • You need to be an American to send W. an email. State and zip are a required field. There is no country field. No pesky Canadians or Iraqies or anyone else need apply to send an email to W.

You can try the new Whitehouse Web Mail system for your self.

- Peace

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