Monday, January 06, 2003

William Gibson has new web site, It's creation is tied to his new book Pattern Recognition. Gibson is credited with coining the term Cyberspace, helping create the cyberpunk motif and predicting elements of net culture years before they manifested themselves on the web. Pattern Recognition is set in the present, departing from Gibson's near future dystopias, but net culture still plays a big role. In the excerpt from the book two major characters are introduced in part by Google.

Google Damien and you will find a director of music videos and commercials. Google Cayce and you will find "coolhunter," and if you look closely you may see it suggested that she is a "sensitive" of some kind, a dowser in the world of global marketing.

Instead of predicting net culture, Gibson is drawing from it, should be interesting. Gibson is also keeping a blog, hope it lasts longer than the book promotion budget. As seen on /.


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