Friday, January 10, 2003

Scott Adams has been having fun with Extreme Programming the last couple of days. Today's strip illustrated what happens when you don't get customer buy in on the XP process: Give me all my features or I'll ruin your life!

I've talked to a number of developers and some management types who have claimed to have tried XP yet when I've ask how the business handled making choices between features, I get blank stares. The hardest part of XP, and Agile in general seems to be getting business buy in. I've raised the point with Martin Fowler and Ken Schwaber, and they agree it's a definite challenge. There was talk of Fowler and Schwaber doing a book aimed at PMs and MBAs, using a publisher like HBS Press, to get the attention of the PM and MBA community, but I haven't heard anything about it for quite some time.

Anyone else had fun explaining XP to business people or watching the wreck when they are left out of the picture?


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