Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Some notes on WLW,

There is a bug that is counting all the links to the multiple blogs at under one entry at that meansCogito Ergo Blog gets listed first. I fixed a bug in my duplicate detection code that was excluding some of the blogs at so if they get some extra exposure while I fix this bug, I figure I owe them.

The ranking is not my main focus, the name is Who Links Who because that's what I'm interested in. The ranking is a by product and as people can see what links make up that number I expect people to make their own judgment's on what that number is worth.

Yesterday HNBP toped the ranking at 372, because someone added 300+ links on their blog to prove that would send HNBP to the top of the chart. As we say in the software biz "That's not a bug it's a feature." The person in question has removed the 300+ links to HNBP so things should be back to normal with the next run of WLW. I could add code to try and filter out extream cases such as this, but I don't want to focus on the ranking of blogs, it's just not a big deal to me.

I know the title Who Links Who makes our inner Grammar Nazis go nuts. I'm ok with that.

The titles for blogs in WLW come from the entry at blogs4God, if you'd like to update it contact one of the team there. They are all nice people, though Mean Dean may look at you funny if you wear a powder blue helmet.


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