Sunday, June 15, 2014

Six & Seven Hundred KM

Path Ends at 600kmOn Thursday I the hit 600km mark at this washed out section of the bike path in Fish Creek. The damage is from last year's epic floods in June.

Heading Down at 700kmOn Saturday we rode the Highwood pass. I was thinking it was 25km, so I'd done 30 km in the morning so that the shot at the top of the pass would be my 700km shot.

Lucky for me it was only 17km (I suck at climbing) but that meant my 700km shot was on the way back down.

Also crossed paths with the Olderings who were coming down as Dave and I were in the last km or so. I did my first web dev work for Greg back in 96.

Last week I was 20 km short of my goal of 150km a week.  I made that up this week and added an extra 10km.  So 1000km by the end of June is looking good.

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