Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good News, Bad News at 1200km

Fish Creek at 1200km

Good News: hit the 1200 km mark by Fish Creek Friday Evening.

Bad News: I should have it the 1200km mark on Wed while the riding home from work.  On my way to work I stripped my left crank, so there was no ride from work on Wed.  I use a longer than standard crank, so PedalHead had to order a new crank. While enjoying the challenge of single track in Fish Creek, it doesn't rack up the KM like commuting.

Good News: PedalHead got me a new crank in two days. So after the Ride in the Park to hit the 1200km mark, was able to get the commuter from PedalHead and I’m back in business.

- Peace


Anonymous said...

I snapped my chain about a kilometre from home a few days ago. After a stroll home I put in a new pin and was ready to head to work the next morning.

Dave King said...

I've fixed that while on rides, a pain but not fatal. Stripping a crank sadly means ordering parts :(