Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Paste Holiday Sampler (2012)

As you'd expect the Past Holiday Sampler has the usual Paste suspects - Sufjan Stevens and Great Lake Swimmers. Was delighted to see geek favorite Johnathan Coulton of Portal 'Still Alive' and 'Code Monkey' fame included as well.

From the Noise Trade Page:
Fortunately, every year some of our favorite Paste artists choose to freshen the holiday music genre with new releases, whether they're original compositions or unique takes on traditional holiday favorites. If you're looking for the perfect playlist for that tired "Secret Santa" party or just hoping to amp up your holiday spirit in a new way, look no further than the Paste Holiday Sampler.
You know the drill, email + postal code that the artist can use to contact you gets you 18 hip Christmas songs.

- Peace

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