Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Thoughts On the Alberta Election

Alison Redford and her team came from behind to defeat the Wild Rose chalenge. I was surprised that none of commentators or PC party members referenced how Alison Redford had come from behind to win the PC Leadership later year. She's a bit of a comeback kid and that's not a bad thing.

Speaking of random patterns. This is the second time Rod Love has been working with a female conservative leader who had a substantive lead only to have that lead collapse for the actual vote. There's probably no connection there. I wonder if we under estimated Ralf Kline.

A Wild Rose supporter last night summed up the WR contradiction. "I didn't leave the PC party, it left me. They've been in for 41 years it's time for a change" I take that as "The PC party changed, so we need to change it back" Not a strong pro change message.

Was hoping the Alberta Party would win at least one seat, but looks like they got caught in the "anyone but the WR" wave.

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