Monday, March 05, 2012

Loving Double Twist Air Sync

I have two Macs at home but prefer Android for my phones.  I really like Double Twist for bridging the gap between Android and iTunes.  Was disappointed to find that the free Double Twist didn't support my new Nexus Galaxy on OSX. The issue being the Nexus Galaxy can't be used as a USB mass storage device.

So I bought the $5 Air Sync add on for Double Twist as a work around.  Wishing I had bought it sooner.  Loving how I just edit the playlist in itunes and if my phone is in the house with WiFi on it just syncs to my phone.   I don't have to remember to grab my phone before going downstairs to the iMac.  It's a much smoother experience.  If you use Android and iTunes then Double Twist and Air Sync are your friends.

- Peace

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