Sunday, January 01, 2012

2000 KM in 2011

New Years Lights at 2000 KM
After a couple of days of procrastination, I finally decided that I was going to hit the 2000 km mark for 2011 yesterday. I was at 1941 km, so yesterday afternoon and evening I did almost 60 km of riding. After weeks of not doing more than 20 km at a time this was a serious challenge. Did about 35 km in Fishcreek with the usual suspects. Was a ton of fun, but ridding in snow is hard work. Finished of the goal by doing 25 km in the evening on the Lynskey in Evergreen. The cold, the dark and being out of shape slowed things down but I did hit the 2000 km mark at about 11:30 last night.

The goal for 2012 will be 3000 km, 1000 km more than this year.

- Peace & Happy New Year


PsySal said...

Congrats, I'm glad to hear you made it! We should ride more this winter, particularly since it's been so mild!

Dave King said...

Thanks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been the one trying to get you out to ride :)

Lori Klassen said...

Good for you! When it gets closer to biking season for wimps :) I'll set a bike riding related goal too, but 2k in a year is really impressive!

Dave King said...

Well my best year is 4200 km, I'm working my way back to that :)