Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Free Christmas Music and New FIF for a Happy New Year!

Was checking out free Christmas music at NoiseTrade when what did I see?  But a new single from Five Iron Frenzy! 

From the FIF NoiseTrade page:
Five Iron Frenzy is an undead band from the Denver, CO area. They spent a few years (1997-2003) touring, creating music that made people happy and gave them something to listen to on road trips. The band quit FIF on November 22nd, 2003. They were greatly missed. 8 years after their break-up they launched a Kickstarter Project and raised enough money to record a new album ($30,000) in just 55 minutes.
A new FIF Album in the works? It will be a Happy New Year after all! Oh and for Xmas music, I'd recomend Ten Out Of Tenn Christmas and the Paste Magazine 2011 Christmas Sampler!

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