Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Day at Blackboard Collaborate

Last Flight out of Bb collaborate

Today's my last day at Blackboard Collaborate. It's been a tough three weeks, letting go of a place where I've grown to love the people I work with. But I covered that in my last post.  So let's talk RC Helicopters.

My parting gift to the Calgary Office is pair of Force RC Battling Helicopters. We've been buzzing around our large meeting area, and shooting one another out of the sky all week :)

For the price the Force RC helicopters are very easy to fly and the combat system is a ton of fun. These are the RC toys I dreamed of as a kid.

Only complaint is they're not the toughest things in the world, even with adults it's easy to break the plastic frames. Still lot's of fun for the $$$. Got them as a set from PM Hobby Craft.

Oh and before I get accused of trying to lower productivity via gift of RC goodness, I cleared the idea with the appropriate VP before getting them. OK so said VP announced his retirement a few days later, but my conscience is clear.

Thanks to Doug for taking the picture, while I flew past the Bb collaborate poster. Thanks to Andy for helping with the initial experiments.

Thoughts on the new gig still to come.

- Peace

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