Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recycling UI

A shot of two Recycling bins in our office.  What goes in the bin on the Left?  What goes in the bin on the right?  I find that I often put the wrong thing on the left and have to pull stuff back out, yuck. Yesterday it dawned on me as to why, the UI on the left is broken, the important information follows redundant information.  The first word on the left is Recycling, under the large recycling logo on a blue bin.  I hit the redundant information and stop reading.

The bin on the right gets it right, the important guard clause is the first thing you read.  Well done.

All this to say that good design is hard even with something as simple as office recycle bins.  And UI/UX design applies even to simple documentation.  So hug a designer or tech writer today, their work is hard.

- Peace

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