Tuesday, August 02, 2011

1500 km, in Kelowna

Boardwalk @ 1500 km
Had hoped to hit the 1500 km mark while in Revelstoke, but came up 5 km short.  Might have been that I only did one round on the Sorrenson 5 km loop.  Course the first round left me thankful for my helmet and thick moss, so that's the way it goes.  Did get two trips down Mt Revelstoke at an average speed of 45 km/h - Wheeee!   And I did 24 km of trail riding on Mt. MacPherson without injury.  It put me over the 600 km mark for July, just didn't get to 1500 in Revelstoke.

I did 5km in Kelowna, along the river board walk to hit the 1500 km mark after a wonderful dinner at the Yellow House - amazing stuffed salmon BTW.  Taking a couple of days off before riding the sunshine coast.

- Peace

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