Saturday, July 02, 2011

900 KM and a Plan

900 KM with Friends

Richard couldn't make yesterdays ride, so he suggested we do the Glenmore Reservoir, Clement came along too. We stopped for lunch at Nellie's on 90th, I think this may be a new tradition, ride and eat! As we were getting ready to split up, I was at 899 KM so the guys rode an extra KM with me to be in the 900 KM shot, thanks guys!

I didn't get the 200 KM I was hoping for in the last week of June, didn't even make 100 KM, stuff happens. So this is the latest that I've hit 900 KM since I've started photo blogging my KM.

On the up side I did over 500 KM in June. The plan is to do 600 KM in July, August and Sept. That would put me at 2700 KM by the end of Sept, just a head of where I was last year when the rear hub went. If I can do 500 KM in Oct and 400 in Nov that would put me at 3600 KM for the year, 1000 KM more than last year. Any ridding in Dec would be bonus.

- Peace

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