Wednesday, March 02, 2011

L.A. - 2 700 km of bike lanes and a Mayor Who Bikes.

CBC: L.A. to get 2,700 km of bike lanes
The bicycle master plan unanimously approved by the City Council sets a long-term goal of some 2,700 kilometres of interconnected bikeways and calls for 320 kilometres of the new bike paths to be added every five years.

The city currently has fewer than 640 kilometres of bikeways in a patchwork of segments.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa also became a fierce advocate for designated bike lanes last year after he shattered an elbow in a bike accident with a taxi cab.
I really like that they have a plan to add 64 km of lanes a year with a focus on connecting the segments they have now. I have no idea what Calgary's plan is and we have plenty of disconnected segments. It also seems that this progress is connected to having a Mayor that bikes. Just saying.

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