Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2600 KM good news / bad news

2600 KM in Fish Creek

Good news is that on Sunday, I dusted off the mountain bike and enjoyed an 18 KM ride in Fish Creek in some gorgeous autumn weather. Much nicer than most of the summer. We do get some autumn colours, and Fish Creek was the place to enjoy it. Don't think there's been that many people in the park at any point this summer. Hit the 2600 KM mark to boot.

The bad news is why I dusted off the mountain bike. Should have hit the 2600 KM mark on Thursday. Unfortunately my commuter's hub locked up just after I arrived at work. I took a spill, but least it wasn't in traffic. I was 16 KM short of 2600 KM. Was able to get the bike to Pedal Head before they closed, but the senior bike guys were in Vegas for a trade show. Heard from them today that they will have to order a part from the states, not sure how long that will be. Here's hoping the nice weather is still here when I get the bike back.

- Peace

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