Sunday, June 27, 2010

1600 KM and 18 Years and other stuff.

In Kananaskis @ 1600 KM
Kim suggested we spend a night at Kananaskis Village for our Anniversary. She even said I could take my bike, thank you my Love. Having had a large brunch I decided not to do another 20 KM on the above path, instead Kim drove me to the top of the Highwood pass so I could ride down. On the way to the pass we were stopped by an accident involving two motor bikes. First bike had stopped because of sheep on the highway, second bike did not stop fast enough. Called 911 as I was the first one with a cell phone. One guy was taken out by ambulance, EMS called off the STARS Helicopter as the patient was status green. One of the cars that stopped was an off duty EMS member, she knew the other EMS personnel when they showed up. So the guy was well looked after. Two other riders walked away with minor injuries.

There was snow at the top of the pass even a guy throwing snowballs :) Hit the 81 KM/H mark coming down the pass, pure bliss :)

Felt good to hit 1600 KM as I didn't make it to 1600 KM last year. Ankle injury that I didn't give enough time to heal when it happened.

Hit 1600 KM on June 27, 2009. Need to pick up the pace to hit 4500 KM this year. Did 4200 KM in 2009.

- Peace

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