Saturday, May 01, 2010

600 KM - Alberta Weather

Frieght Over Fishcreek @ 600 KM
Took the scenic route home last night, 40 KM was just enough to get me to the 600 KM and meet the goal for April. I had given up, thinking that with the two days of snow the paths would be a mess. But the weather started to change late Thursday. I came home from the store Thursday night to see our spring blizzard on the National news. I was wearing shorts. Other than a few broken branches and large puddles the bike paths were clear.

The goal for May stays the same at 600 KM and I'll be aiming for 700 KM in June. That would put me at 1900 KM by the end of June. 4500 KM is the goal for the year :)

- Peace

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