Wednesday, April 21, 2010

400 KM

400 KM Heading West
Hit 400 KM on the way home tonight. To stay on target I need to hit the 500 and 600 KM marks in the next 9 days - fun :)


dalin said...

This kinda looks like you're biking down the middle of a three lane road while holding a camera.

Michael said... be like Dave...
For 15 years I have secretly envied you Dave. Your passion and your dedication to riding your bicycle. I had the misfortune of blowing my knees out all those years ago and stopped riding but now, that’s all changed. I picked up a bike at a pawn shop and rode it. Okay I’ve only ridden a total of two hours now and you have 400k already logged on the year. My goal is get up to the point that I can join you on the annual Goat Trail bike-athon.

Dave King said...

Dalin: that's about right.

Michael: Would be fantastic to have along for the ride!