Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whale System Watching

DolphinsGanetts Diving #1SealWhales
In a boat with just the surface of the water and maybe a seagull it's easy to think of the ocean as a big tub of water and not much else. When you come across a group of whales you see an entire system at play. The whales chase the fish to surface so other animals follow along. Dolphins and Seals in the water. Gannets diving out of the sky. The ocean is obviously alive!

- Peace


Anonymous said...

I have narrowed my favorites pics of your trip to a top 3...

#3 Rusting
#2 Outside the Walls
#1 Castle with a view

Awesome pics Dave! It looks like you and Kim had a lot of fun!!


Dave King said...

Thanks, Castle with a View is a personal Fav :)