Wednesday, May 27, 2009

400 KM - One Day and 300 KM behind 2008

Crossing the Bow @ 400 KM

Hit the the 400 KM mark. That puts me 300 KM and one day behind last year's pace.

- Peace


PsySal said...

Interesting location for your 400km. I am referring to this:

I was a bit confused as to the mayoral change since I left Calgary, then I thought perhaps it was another city, and then I winced for this poor author.

Still. Awesome news, if I understand it correctly and if it's true! And nice coincidence for your 400KM, if I spotted your picture right.

Dave King said...

I think that piece is going for Sarcasm, the bridge is closed for construction, but the west side is still open for bikes/pedestrians. I normally take the east side.

- Peace