Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kids in the Alley

Saturday morning. Feeling good about the early morning shoot I just finished with Melissa, I head to the Camera Store to talk to them about a lens. It's just after nine as I pull into the parking lot. I notice a group of people at the back of the store watching something. Thinking it might be a Camera Store seminar or something I decide to briefly check it out before I head into the store.

What I find is a group of young people (kids to my old eyes) watching a young lady in a red jacket do hands stands. One guy is taking pictures with a point and shoot camera. I ask if I can take some shots. No response. She continues doing hand stands. He shoots, there is some random chatter. I pull out my Pentax K10D, no one said no, so I figured I'll see what happen.

"Whoa this guy has an SLR!", the excited comment from a guy beside me. I have their attention. We do an impromptu shoot. Just ten minutes. At least that's what the time stamps on the pictures tell me. Felt longer, just cause I know I had a number of good shots. They were very easy to work with.

The kids mentioned something about not wanting to twist an ankle right before their show. I asked "what show?", but didn't get answer so I dropped it. I gave them one of my cards.

"So you'll post the pictures somewhere on the internet" hand stand girl asked.
"Yeah - info is on my card, it will be a few days till I can post it"

I went into the Camera Store, they were still shooting at the back of the store when I was leaving the store. Wish I knew more about the group. Would love to work with them again. Hope they see this post and the pics.

- Peace


Kevin Saff said...

Amazing shot.

Dave King said...

Thanks Kevin!

Jadon said...

The boom-box makes this pic! :D I remember, I'm old. :S

Dave King said...

Thanks Jadon, brought back memories for me too :)

ktelqueen said...

the mural by thekidbelo/david brunning is so great and you nailed these shots..great story!

BassX said...

Its me, red hand stand girl!!

When you came up I didnt realize you had camera, when you said "can I try" (at taking pictures) I thought you ment try the handstand. I thought to myslef, "What?" lol I thought you just stopped to watch. When you pulled out your camera I finally got it! When you asked about the show I didn't hear that either, sorry!!! We had a couple starter shows and we are doing one this saturday. We also have a few coming up in July 4th, and a competition and gig July 25th!

Our Crew name is BassX. (integrating the foundations of hip hop culutre and fusing the styles through a medly of music...the "basics")
We formed the group in February and are working on our first piece still. We are going to start our second piece soon though for the fall and winter season of shows and events.

We had a plast shooting with you, you were a lot of fun and great to work with too! hope you dont mind if we use those photos, we put them on our facebook page (every crew has a facebook page lol) and used to give to people hosting the events. Great shots!

and we may look young (yes im the youngest at 19) but we go all the way up to 24! lol

hit us up at

maybe we'll meet up again and do some more work! you should definitly come check out a show too. You'd get tons of photo opps at some of these events! learn something about the dance culutre in calgary!

much love

"red hand stand girl"
aka. Chelsea Jones

Dave King said...

Hey Chelsea - great to hear from you. Would love to see you guys perform. Will check out your facebook page.

Would be honored to have you use the pictures, I just ask that you give credit. Photography by Dave King, IdeaJoy. People can find me if they google IdeaJoy. For on line a link would be great.

- Peace