Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Things about Dave

1) My Favorite Picture Taken By Me
One Chair

2) My most popular photo on Flickr
Ice Cube
3762 views / 9 favorites / 25 comments

3) As a result of #2 I keep playing with ice pictures
An Uncut Ice Cube

4) Of my top 10 pictures on Flickr only one has been taken with my Pentax SLR
Action in Lane 20
The rest have been taken with my Olympus Stylus point & shoot. I think that's because I've had a Stylus since 2005 and it goes with me biking.

5) I do more than photography, I also Bike
Scott through Water
the goal for 2009 in 4500 KM.

6) I enjoy music
An Old School Track
I was a radio DJ back in the day. OK not that far back in the day but it's been quite some time.

7) It was Tony Shore who pointed out that my real name is DJ King. I never used the name on air, but have used it as my online handle quite a bit.

8) I wrote a series of radio plays while at CHSR in Fredericton NB back in 87-88. The first was so bad my friends did not want to tell anyone who the actors where. After it aired they started to bug me to write a sequel. They'll have to explain why.

9) At one point IdeaJoy was the first result for "Dave King" on Google.

10) I have a competitive streak. See #9

11) I have lived in Alberta longer than I lived in NB.

12) Despite #11 I still consider myself a Maritimer.

13) I love to travel

14) Despite #13 I have never been outside of Canada and the US of A.

15) It's only really travel if you get to spend time with some locals.

16) I've never been to Newfoundland. I've been to the other nine provinces, but have not made it to any of the Canadian territories.

17) I've been to all the provinces and states on the East coast.

18) On the west coast I've just been to California and BC.

19) I try to read all the books written by my favorite authors.

20) I've read almost all the book by CS Lewis, William Gibson, Issac Asimov, Eugene Peterson and Douglas Adams.

21) I find thinking of 25 things about me hard

22) I'm used to being the tallest and the biggest guy in the room

23) At FHS a rugby coach begged me to play. Exact quote "Pleaaassseeee!"

24) At Harry Ainlay a coach patted me on the bum and said "see you at practice" as I walked by. I called after him "uh Coach? I'm not on the team." The look of panic on his face! He was very apologetic. I didn't press charges.

25) I'm always amazed when I shake hands with someone and they exclaim "What big hands you have!" When they saw me coming, were they thinking "Now there is a guy with small hands"? Happens quite often.

- Peace

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