Monday, December 29, 2008

Ghost Bike Hunting

Ghost Bike Hunting
Heard about Ghost Bikes on The Point on Dec 18th. You can listen to the segment at 3:00 in the second audio clip. The interview includes Michael Kalmanovitch of Edmonton Bicycle Commuters. EBC was the first group in Canada to place Ghost Bikes. One thing that would have improved the discussion on the Ghost Bikes is the recent U of C study that shows that roadside memorials may improve safety.
Tay’s study shows that the markers appear to have significant short-term safety benefits. As part of his study, he placed mock-up memorials at selected intersections with red light cameras within the City of Calgary. In the six weeks after the markers were installed, nearly 17 percent fewer drivers ran red lights than in the six weeks prior to installation.

While I was in Edmonton over Christmas, I wanted to go see a Ghost Bike so I found the list and headed out to find one. The one I found was for Christopher Scott. I surprised to see that the official picture on the site is credited to none other the blogging buddy Ian McKenzie. And yes it's the same Ian as on my blog roll as the picture is indeed in Ian's flickr stream.

Update: While I love the Ghost Bike idea on many levels, I wonder if it will scare non bikers off. When people realize I ride on the road, I always hear I could never do that, I'd be too afraid.

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