Monday, June 02, 2008

My Xalt Weekend

I'm a member of Xalt, it's a Church, but it's also a community, this weekend reflected that.

Friday Night - Power Grid with Kevin and Clement, in the back ground Luke is dropping by with a few things as he's moving in.

Saturday Morning - Calvin, Kevin and I help Richard move from Airdrie to Calgary joining Calvin, Kevin Luke and Peter.

Saturday Night - Kim and I head to Melissa & Phil's. Melissa throws a great party for Phil's 25th Birthday.

Sunday Morning - Kim and I get some couple time. Only related to Xalt in that we meet Sunday night so I have Sunday Mornings free, a pleasure denied many of the faithful.

Sunday Night - Sarah and I head to Xalt. Calvin provides me with new insight into the Godlessness of Esau. Scott and I make plans for breakfast this week. Sarah gets a ride home with Dave and I give Marina a ride to a rare post Xalt board meeting. As a board we wrestle with the fact that we're a small community that has lost a number of people, a number moving out of Calgary, some choosing to withdraw. No easy answers. We pray. Meeting goes to just past 11 pm. Tony and Julie need a ride home and as the get into the Element Tony mentions he's hungry. The four of us hit Humpties, talk share and laugh till past midnight. I drive Tony and Julie home, drop of Marina, drive home crawl into bed just past 1 am.

It was a good weekend.

- Peace

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