Thursday, February 07, 2008

Putting the Media in the Media Radar

The Resonate Media Radar tracks new YouTube video's posted within two clicks of the Resonate Blog List. But Media implies more than just YouTube, well now RMR also tracks when something new breaks into the top 20 over at Who Reads What. WRW tracks all the Amazon links posted within two clicks of the Resonate Blog List, so while it provides a good overview of what's interesting it changes week to week not day to day. Adding new to the Top 20 should make both RMR and WRW more interesting to track.

On the technical side WRW and RMR got a number of improvements under the hood:
  • Now using the TagSoup parser, as the previous parser hat a low level IO but that the new Resonate Server exposed.
  • Code is now checked into Subversion, so that I can work on my MacBook Pro and my PC.
  • Using DBDeploy to mangae DataBase migration as I now have two dev environments and a production instance

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