Monday, December 31, 2007

My 12 Most Interesting Pictures of 2007

Hay SkyLife is StillFirst Macro ExperimentSo it begins..Lunar Eclipse with FlareWater on the Path
Another Road Side AttractionRibon CreekBright Field Dark SkyEternal Flame ParliamentKim ReidKeep Your Stick on the Ice
According to flickr on the last day of the year.

- Peace


Christopher said...

My favorite of the 12 would be Water on the Path. I also like So it Begins. I guess I like interesting POVs.

Dave King said...

Thanks interesting POV is one of the strengths of a small point and shoot camera.

- Peace

Anonymous said...

While I think the creek is my favorite, it's hard to say, they are all good.
Hope you take many more.

Happy New Year Max:^)

Bene D

Dave King said...

Thanks BD, Happy New Year to you too :)