Wednesday, June 27, 2007

$40 000 Per Homless Person in Canada

From CBC Homelessness 'chronic' in Canada

[Study] cites government numbers showing a cost of up to $6 billion a year to service a "core" homeless population of 150,000. That cost includes health care, criminal justice, social services and emergency shelter costs.
You'd think that for $40 000 a year we'd be doing a better job. Compare to the average Canadian income up to 2005.

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Michael said...

Yeah, but the average Canadian family is a wee bit more careful about how they spend their money than the average Canadian government.

Richard said...

There's also the reverse problem of spending so much time and money carefully "making sure that no money is wasted" that there's very little left for providing aid.

In government, efforts to reduce waste often result in less services provided even when more money gets spent.

We seem to have created a system where every task needs justifying - except for the task of justifying tasks.

I'm pretty sure the average Canadian family is less wasteful - but I'm not sure this comes from being more careful.