Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Manufacturing Glamour

We're bathed in images of beauties that don't exist.

- Peace


Richard said...

I remember a similar commercial on YTV where a teen-age girl bemoans that she isn't glamorous like the woman on a poster on the wall.

Then a very plain looking young woman tries to comfort her and convince her that she's even prettier than the woman on the poster. The girl of course does not believe this and the plain woman reveals that she IS the glamour woman on the poster.

Then there are scenes of the glamour industry "beautifying" the plain woman in various ways which the teen ager finds gross. The point was to get girls to stop trying to be like the glamor girls who don't actually exist.

I do wish that this clip wasn't so obviously an add for dove beauty products.

kris said...

Dove's really sticking with this campaign, eh. I wasn't sure if it was sustainable. I remember one ad person saying they had to be careful not to become the product for "ugly people". Kind of an ironic comment.

I've also found it ironic that women I've known who bemoan the ad industry go out and buy all the products from the company's they say are doing so much harm.

Hopefully Dove can turn the tide to some degree.

Richard said...

Perhaps the irony decreases when we remember that we do expect slaves to complain most about slavery.