Sunday, October 26, 2003

I passed the 1200 km mark for the year yesterday while biking the elbow trail in kananaskis country. 1200 km was my goal for the year, first anounced when I made last year's goal of 1000 km. My goal for 2004 is 1600 km, 2005 is 2000 km, making 2006 the year I return to the 2500 km / year level. Well at least that's the plan. 2500 km was my best year ever.

My bigest issue is what to do over the winter to stay active. We're in the Trym Gym program run by the U of C. That will keep me active through Decemember, but I've got to find something to do with Jan - March. If I'm going to make the 2500 km level I can't be starting from scratch each spring.

- Peace

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