Monday, March 27, 2006

Geek vs Nerd

Well, at work the discussion of the difference between geek and nerd came up. I have always felt that nerd better described me than geek (because I was not cool enough).

My co-workers and I went to the online dictionaries and found that the definitions of nerd and geek both include foolish, socially inept, and single-minded in technical or scientific pursuits. The key difference, according to the dictionary, is that a geek is clumsy while a nerd is unattractive.


Dave King said...

Well I guess I'm both ;)

Richard said...

I still say that you've been called "cool" way too many times to count as full-fledged. :p

I've also seen you realize if someone was hurt or upset by their tone of voice or facial expression. That reduces your "socially inept" score dangerously close to "non-geek" levels.

Dave King said...

You know if I didn't think you meant it as a compiment, I'd be insulted.

- Peace

Richard said...

I do mean it as a compliment, but you are also right to think I'm also trying to tease you. I think it's working.

I took a look at some "geek tests" and I think you would score well on most. But one test has "negative geek points". I think you would do poorly on that test.

You certainly have the competencies of a geek. But geeks are characterised also by glaring deficiencies (like not mountain biking) that you umm... lack.

So you could say you've got the best of both worlds. But can you still call yourself a geek?