Friday, March 31, 2006

Blame the Woman? not.

Instead of starting the fifth glorious mystery (crowning Mary as Queen of Heaven) by tackling the difficulties with meditating on yet another event which contains no direct scripture passage to meditate upon, I'd like to start with something apparently unrelated.

I've asked numerous people "who was the first person to sin?". The answer I always get is "the devil". So i then ask "who was the first human person to sin?" Then the answer is "Eve, she started it all". And so the oldest male tradition, blaming the woman, begins with Adam in Genesis and continues until this very day.

Never mind that Adam seems to have given Eve garbled instructions about the fruit of tree of knowledge, never mind that he says and does nothing while he is right there with Eve (Genesis 3:6). Apparently Eve started it all even though Paul says in Roman 5, death entered the world through one man.

Whatever blame we attach to Eve because she was "first" to listen to the serpent, we should attach equal praise to Mary because she was the "first" to listen to the Word of God. If Eve enabled a series of events which ended with Adam bringing death to humanity, then Mary has also enabled a series of events which end with Jesus bringing eternal life to humanity. With what honor should we treat the mother of the King of Kings? Now that the King of Kings has triumphed over death and brought us everlasting life, let us consider the honor we bestow upon the mother of an earthly king (who inherits his monarchy from his father). We call her the Queen-mother. Let us bless Our Lord's Mother with at least the same haste with which we blame Eve for the fall.

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