Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Discipline without Stress® Punishments or Rewards

I've been reading Marvin Marshall's articles on teaching as my son's school is getting into philosophy of achieving Discipline without punishment or reward.

The focus is on teaching but the applications to parenting are obvious. It's been working out really well with the children. They are more than obedient, they do what I need them to do even when I do not watch, they are becoming responsible, I yell at them less, and "getting them to do things" has never been easier.

Dave's post on "forcing religion on the young" and the mistakes we make raising our children in the faith made me wonder if these two issues are related. Namely, the mistakes we make in discipline are the mistakes we make in raising people in the faith, fail for the same reason, and are solved with them same attitude.

Though having read Marvin Marshall's "revolutionary" ideas, I begin to think that Our Lord Jesus said it first and we've been missing the point for thousands of years. I also suspect that is what the Second Vatican Council is trying to accomplish as well.

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