Monday, October 17, 2005

Wallace and Gromit - Curse of the Were-Rabbit

My wife and I saw the Wallace and Gromit were-rabbit movie on Friday. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. On a personal note, I could sympathize with Wallace's struggle to avoid cheese as I have an allergic reaction to and a great love for the stuff. I'd like to see it again on DVD so I can pause it and read some of the funny book titles in the library.

I'm still hoping one day we'll find out why Gromit does not have a mouth and how he manages to eat without one.

On a side note, my wife and I thought it deserved a PG rating rather than a G rating. Between the shooting at people and the toilet humour, we felt that it wasn't something we would let a child we did not know watch by themself. I guess even with a G rating, parents should watch the movie first, then watch it with the kids. I thought that the point of a G rating was that you could sit the kids down, turn on the movie, and walk away without wondering.


Red-3 said...

Maybe Gromit doesn't have a mouth because he's allergic to Cheese?! :D

( or maybe it would definitely not be a G rating if he did? I bet some of the things he's thinking about Wallace's crazy ideas would be censorable if vocalized! )

Richard said...

Or maybe Gromit has no mouth, because he does not need to eat. And maybe Gromit does not need to eat because... he's one of Wallace's inventions?