Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Watched the special edition of Aliens a few weekends ago with my wife. Hugging eachother during the scary scenes is lots of fun.

I'm not sure if it was the android named Bishop (the only one qualified to remotely pilot dropship from the sky) that got my imagination running wild but the whole battle started feeling... spiritual. Like original sin, the aliens start outside of the human race. Like venial sin, the horrible spider critters cling to you without killing you right away and threaten to bring about a fate worse than physical death if you do not rid yourselves of them quickly. Like mortal sin, the mature alien tears you apart from inside. And then there is "The Company" who cares nothing for human life but wants to harness the Alien in order to make itself more powerful but always winds up unable to control the beast. The whole thing feels like a physical manifestation of the spiritual battles we fight. Dabbling with sin, as appealing and harmless as it may seem, is probably in truth more like letting those spider things jump onto my face and laying eggs in me than I would like to admit. The Lord is doing much more than cleansing me from minor imperfections, he's probably letting himself get sprayed with acid-blood in order to rescue me from being completely consumed.

There were quite a few scenes I simply do not remember from the original. They could be new, or my memory may have faded over the past 19 years...

"There goes our salvage"
"I'm scared, mommy and daddy have been away for a long time"
"How much time do we have left? Plenty, 26 minutes. We're not leaving. We're not?"
"My name is Dwayne... I'm Helen"

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