Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Better late than never

I stumbled across an article I wish I had run into earlier. The Catholic Church has the Answer by Paul Whitcomb answers many questions I struggled with for years. Even now, it provides me with information that addresses my difficulties.


Dave King said...

Reads like propaganda. For example I find the apeal to the early Church Fathers the be a very flawed argument. I might as well say

If they had been at the time of the referomation they would had sided with truth not the corupt 'church', because we knew they belived in truth and holiness and would have rejected the explotation of Christ's bride that the 'roman church' was involved in.

It's the flip side of the same flawed argument.

- Peace

Richard said...

I found the Scripture references very helpful. I still remember the times before Google when I asked for a Biblical defence of Catholic positions and Catholics just told me "The Infallible Church says so, we do not need a Biblical defence."

Having these scripture references earlier could have saved me much frustration and misunderstanding about the Catholic Church.

As for the "appeals" to the early Church Fathers, I find them more useful as a reference (like CS Lewis) rather than an authority.

I've found that following up on these references (for example, St. Jerome addressing the issue or Mary's perpetual virginity) unearths quite a wealth of insight into the Scriptures.

I don't think I would have left the Roman Cahtolic Church even temporarily if I had known how solid its Biblical foundations were.

But if I had not done that, I probably would not have gone to Regent, and then I would not have been studying at UBC, and would not have met my wife there.

Dave King said...

I don't mind someone siting what the church fathers said, dido for Lewis. But it's a bit like arguing that Lewis is for/against GW Bush. He makes the assumption that the early church fathers would have sided with rome in the reformation and that's a big stretch from his quote.

I also find it funny how he makes the defence of the 'worldly popes' based on the idea that they never screwed up official teaching. I've noticed, more that once, catholics like to charge evangelicals with cheep grace saying how the faith is more than just belief, that there must be works. Why does that go out the window with church history?

That's about all I had patience for.

- Peace