Monday, April 18, 2005

Consecrated hosts for sale on e-bay

Apparently, e-bay is now selling consecrated hosts online. Dave, could you check out this story and see if its a hoax before I lose my temper?


Dave King said...

I've seen a couple of references to this, you could always just go to ebay and see if you can find the auction in question.

I must say the article you linked to seems to lack perspective. Not selling artifacts stolen from a culture that was steam rolled by European imperialism is a bit different than not allowing the sale of commion wafers cause it would offend the church.

BTW did you see the story about the guy who was healed by taking comunion blessed by JPII, thing is the guy was Jewish, not Catholic. Does that mean I can take communion now? It was released by a cardnial who promised JPII not to publish the info till after his death.

- Peace

Richard said...

I found a consecrated host for sale on e-bay. This appears to be the second such posting.

The original seller issued an apology upon learning how sacred the host was in the Catholic faith. E-bay, however, remains decidedly unapologetic. They have decided to respect the sacred artifacts of Mormons and Native Americans but their local human rights activist sees no problem with selling the most precious treasure stolen from the Roman Catholic Church.

You may think it is a wafer, but to show no respect for those who believe otherwise constitutes yet another blatant attack upon the Roman Catholic Church. I guess Roman Catholics will have to struggle with how much money to fork over to return the hosts to the Roman Catholic Church.

Havent seen the story about the Jewish person healed by taking communion. As far as I know, the Roman Catholic Church still prohibits non-Catholics and Catholics in a state of mortal sin from receiving communion. That being said, it runs on the honor system so the rule get violated often.

Sorry if I'm being overly irritated over this. I often forget the need to foster the virtue of Hope when I read Catholic news: Death of Terry Schiavo, death of Pope John Paul II, death of Deanna's grandmother, Body and Blood of Jesus for sale - pay now or be guilty of allowing the Body of Christ to be profaned and doing nothing...

Dave King said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother in law. I know she was close to bother your hearts.

The seller would have been given the sacrement, if he doesn't take that in the spirt it is given he takes condenmation on himself, same for anyone who would try to buy the sacrement off ebay.

But the blood and body of Christ was given to us in the most indignent manor. And it's given to the likes of you and me, now that's an outrage! Well more me than you. Christ entered the world knowing what would be done to him.

Part of the issue seems to be that ebay doesn't treat Christ as just another religion. I just can't get worked up about that.

If you want to sign a petition why not write Jason Kenny about Darfur?

- Peace

Richard said...

Well, it doesn't take long for selfish old me to wonder what my response to all this is.

Granted, Jesus came into this world knowing how badly he would be treated. That being said, does this mean we should treat him badly knowing that he knew we would do so? Of course not.

My first impulse is to behave as James and John: "Lord, shall we call down fire from heaven?". The next is to imitate Peter who sliced off innocent bystanders ear. After that comes running away like the disciples saying "not my concern".

Thank goodness for people like Cyrene who helped carry the cross, Veronica who wiped Jesus' forehead, the three Mary's, the beloved disciple, and of course Joseph of Arimethaea.

They did what they could to treat the broken body of Jesus with respect, spent their own money (cringe), and left the flagrant violations of civil law for another day - namely the days of preaching following Pentecost.

As a member of a democracy who to gets to play a minor Caesar/Pilate role, well that's always been a tricky question...

Dave King said...

Well Jesus said

You're familiar with the old written law, "Love your friend,' and its unwritten companion, "Hate your enemy.' I'm challenging that. I'm telling you to love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst.

Some how that just doesn't seem to fit with the "Several readers have suggested a boycott of eBay service until the company changes its policy."

If we want to protest, there are beter things to protest. God can take care of himself. Vengence is mine, sayith the Lord. In this case in particular, why wouldn't we trust that?

- Peace

Vincent DiCarlo said...

Those of us who have been hoping that the failure of two of the recent auctions of consecrated hosts to be completed may mean that Ebay has come to its senses should consider what Ebay's representative has said in the press in response to Catholic protests of these ongoing sacrileges:

"We are not going to change our position on this," [Hani] Durzy [Ebay's spokesman] said. "... This is a diverse community. People are free to do what they want to do.".... "Listings do eventually come off the site to make room for other listings," Durzy said Wednesday. "... Apparently this one has come down, but it is not an indication that we have changed our policy... If the same person listed the same thing again.... we would allow the listing."

York Daily Record, Thursday, April 21, 2005

I have already cancelled my accounts with Ebay and its affiliate, Paypal, in protest. Please spread the word about this outrage.

There is a report on the front page of the April 24-30 issue of the National Catholic Register of a Catholic boycott of Ebay over its policy of permitting the auction of consecrated Eucharistic Hosts. The boycott has has a website at

The site has information about the boycott, the facts that led up to it, and links to relevant news coverage.