Monday, March 14, 2005

Terry's Schiavo's murder begins soon

In the spirit of the Easter season, a
merciless judge will condemn an innocent to death. This time the death will be from starvation rather than crucifixion and the vicitim is not a willing participant in the whole procedure.

Michael Schiavo is claiming that his ex-wife is brain dead and wishes to die. The Judge Greer is taking this man's word despite her demonstrated ability to eat, smile, and recognize loved ones when she was receiving therapy, despite her parents' wish to assume guardianship and keep her alive, despite testimony from friends that she did NOT want to be euthanised under such circumstances, and despite her membership in the Roman Catholic Church which has always spoken against euthanasia.

While I would expect the State to grant me guardianship over my wife if she were incapacitated, I would also expect the State to revoke this privelege if I were trying to murder her.

Terry's parents also want unexplained bruises that were found on her neck when she was admitted to hospital investigated first.

Lord have mercy on us all.


Dave King said...

I was wondering if the Judge has gone to see Terri, or if she's just an abstraction to him. And then it stuck me how amazing it is to have a judge who would steped into our place.

I also wonder if their is any objective reporting, all the pro life material tends to take the parents side, I haven't seen any collaberation of their accusations against the husband. I wish we'd do a better job double checking facts cause it makes for a much stronger case. And yeah I know the media does verry little in the way of investigation any more.


- Peace

Richard said...

As for verifying accusations against the husband, the parents simply want the accusations investigated before their daughter is ordered to death. Judge Greer has blocked investigations into the cause of her injuries and other accusations as irrelevant.

I still have trouble understanding how a man who wants his ex-wife dead can enjoy the privilege of serving as someone's legal guardian. Maybe I've read too many murder mysteries where the husband is trying to silence the wife by getting rid of her...

"Many live who deserve to die, and many die who deserve to live. Can you grant life to those who deserve it? Then don't be in any hurry to deal death" - Gandalf the Grey

Jeff said...

Only God can give life...He should be the only one to take life....who knows why Terri has been allowed to live....God could take her in a second if He really wanted her dead.