Sunday, March 13, 2005

The new violence (cont.)

Well, by now you have probably heard that the Feds caught the guy who murdered four people but let a young lady go after he commandered her apartment. Strange.

I'm very happy about that--and if Georgia has the death penalty, that guy is toast--but what was fascinating to me was the way all the major TV outlets covered the post-arrest proceedings. As if they were trying to say "This time we won't let that guy out of our sight until we know the cops have him wrapped up," they all had helicopters with zoom lenses (I was waiting for the next in-air disaster) and then followed the FBI agents and the vehicles they were transporting him in and with all the way downtown.

Earlier, NBC interviewed a retired NYC judge who kept saying things like "like here in New York" when she referred to good courtroom security; she looked right at the screeen every time, as if to 'really' say, "Not like in Atlanta."

Oh, they'll try to make Mr. Nichols the big story, but when the smoke clears the bigger story will be how a guy who tried to sneak two homemade knives into court--and was caught--was allowed to stand in a side room with one female deputy after the judge--a wonderful man--had asked for more security--and then was shot to death by that same guy.

Okay, okay...I'm done with that one...for now.

--Jeff C.

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Dave King said...

What I couldn't believe was one Atlanta official saying there wasn't a security problem cause the jugges here feel safe. Anyone working in security knows that feeling secure is irrelevent to being secure. In fact a false sense of security can make the problem worse.

The amount of cerage here is hard to believe, in the hotel room I have at least four full time news chanels and they all covered it as did all the local chanels. It's hard to keep any sence of perspective with that sort of blanket coverage.

- Peace