Monday, July 07, 2003

Hello all, my first blog.

While I fully subscribe to the belief that the latest court order to allow same-sex marriages constitutes an attack on the family, I cant help but wonder if the myriad of church activities that require me to find a baby-sitter or have my wife spend even more time with the children with no assistance from me constitutes a more insidious attack.

Praise God for groups like Couples for Christ. My wife and I have been attending their meetings recently. The meetings include vibrant, charismatic praise and worship (Deanna and I dont quite fit in but we could benefit from loosening up a bit), a speaker giving a Christian message, group discussions, food and fellowship, but best of all I can bring the kids. They are free to run around in the hall in the company of other children and a few watchful adults, or to come sit on their parents laps, everyone smiles at them, and no one makes us feel like our children are disrupting things.

I wonder what is their relationship with Campus Crusade for Christ? Their members seem to have no knowledge of the other organization but I cannot believe that the similarity in names is co-incidence. They both begin almost immediately with the message that "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life". They soon speak of the need for a "personal relationship with Jesus Christ". Their second message is the very popular Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? to establish the Lordship and divinity of Christ. The wording and the timing just seems too similar to be a coincidental match. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet anyone other than myself who has ever met with people from both organizations.

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