Saturday, January 04, 2003

Ideas that Should Have Grown Into Articles

Sorry to Dave for my erratic presence; the busy fall included a new puppy, new job for my wife, 12-hour work days, 2 weeks in Europe, a bad car accident, a busy handbell choir, and more, and as a result creative writing got turfed. But I came across a number of items that would have made interesting postings. Like:

  • The December issue of Wired magazine with stories on the meeting of science/technology and religion/theology.

  • MyLifeBits
  • , an initiative suggesting digital immortality, and the interesting questions it raises about completeness, privacy, interaction and reflection vs human memory, ditto for whose lifebits of a given event is "true", and other fun questions for those spare brain cycles
  • The privacy / security questions around TCPA / Palladium


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