Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Hey, with another recent addition (welcome Richard), we'll soon need a Bio link, to view the roster of contributors.

I recently took up biking to work, to keep my slim, trim, anorexic-without-the-disorder build. And because my job glues me to a chair way too much. Nothing to do with Dave's cycling journal -- at 4000 kms distance, Dave's influence, like his gravitational pull, is not so strong. Although certainly the journal is inspirational. So on days that I don't have to travel to Moncton for meetings, or have some other reason that I need the car (like to get my laptop to the office), and it's not raining too hard, and and and..., then I bike to work.

Six clicks one way, a good morning constitutional. Alas, not terribly relaxing.. I live on the west side of Saint John, separated from the city centre by the harbour. Of the 2 bridges across, the close one is for motor-powered vehicles only. So I take the long way, through Simms' Corner (think Automotive Anarchy - explaining traffic flow would take waaay too long). Plus, the city centre has no easy non-car access; it's on a peninsula and has only 4 entry points, each of them challenging. My chosen one is a 6-lane viaduct with a narrow sidewalk on one side and none on the other, and with nearly-blind entrances and exits. It's notorious for cars, and quite.. stimulating.. by bike.

The city really really really needs a trail system of some sort.. Alas, that's a late-20th century notion, and Saint John is proudly mired in the 18th and 19th centuries..

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