Tuesday, August 13, 2002

<br/. can ruin your whole day. Or at least rob you of some links. There is an issue with the HTML parser I'm using for Who Links Who where it comes to a complete halt when it hits <br/. As a result WLW can only see the top third or so of blogs4God. So if they've linked to you and it's not showing up in WLW that's why. I'm in contact with the guy who wrote the parser over at Apache, a realy nice, and very smart guy named Andy Clark.

I've tried the Sun HTML Parser, the JTidy parser, and now NekoHTML. And NekoHTML has held up very well. NekoHTML puts the others in to shame. However, if this doesn't work out I'll have to write my own. I just need a simple one for WLW, but it's still a serious amount of work. But I've done it three other times for gsnet.com, IWTechknologies, and MPower. So I can if I must, but I don't want to.


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