Friday, July 19, 2002

Hey everyone! I'm new to this thing but thought I'd give it a shot. Or maybe I should say "I thought I'd give a Shout out to all you guys" since Dave made reference to shouthing.

I watched CSI for the first time last night. While I found it to be a very poorly scripted show I must give them credit for having a great storyline (well the episode I saw was good...I'll have to watch it again to see how things hold up). I'll try not to go into too much detail about the show but part of it had to do with spontanious human combustion. The two characters investigating this case were trying to determine if a body, that had reduced to ashes, had spontaiously combusted or if someone lit her on fire. Well part of the show had them doing an expiriment on a dead pig (thank God it was dead...that could have been pretty disturbing!!!). They end up determining that the lady dropped her cigarette and burned death! By the way she was totally knocked out from the sleeping pills she took, which is why she didn't wake up when the cigarette dropped. Anyhow, someone ends up saying something about "seeing is believing", meaning that now that they've seen what happened to the pig they can determine that the lady didn't spontaniously combust. The "seeing is believing" line reminded me of that Tim Allen movie The Santa Clause. There's a part in that movie where it is said that "believing is seeing". Now in the movie they are talking about Santa, and the North Pole and all that junk. But the "believing is seeing" thing totally applies to the Christian life, and heaven and God and all that junk. (I hope nobody's offended by me using the word "junk".) Anyhow, you know how we need to believe in order for us to see heaven? Well that's what I'm trying to get at. It's like that line Bono uses. Something to the effect of "packing our bags for a place we've never been, a place that has to believed to be seen". When I think about heaven and eternity it totally freaks me out, but in a good way. Of all the things that I can't wrap my mind around, regarding God and Christianty and stuff, eternity spent in heaven blows my freakin mind the most. Well maybe not the most but it's high up on the list. I'll tell you one thing, I'm looking forward to life in heaven and I believe I will see it.


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